Hi! I'm Marc Dupont. I'm a French engineer and PhD student in gesture recognition.

I'm studying for my PhD degree at IRISA, which stands for Research Institute in Computer Science and Random Systems. At the same time, I'm also a research engineer at Thales, a technology company. I'm able to do this thanks to the French CIFRE program, which allows a PhD student to be jointly employed by an academic lab and an industrial partner, working full-time towards the doctoral degree.

Before my PhD, I graduated in 2013 from Ecole Centrale de Lille, a well known French Grande Ecole, as a multidisciplinary engineer with a strong focus on Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. This degree is equivalent to an MSc.

Some of my personal interests include robotics, mathematics and machine learning. I find a lot of fun in learning new programming languages, and I'm especially interested in Rust. I strive for quality in my code and rigor in my reasoning.

My PhD is due for the end of 2016, which means I'll be soon available for hire. If you're looking for a passionate software engineer with a strong focus on math and machine learning, anywhere on the planet, drop me a line!